By combining our lowest cost renewable heat technology with proprietary cooling methods, SolarThermix is developing a way to harness the thermal energy in hot air to make solar-powered air conditioning an economic and environmental reality.  We are partnering with a university to co-develop this technology.


The benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel has been long recognized; the elimination of fossil-based green house gases. However, the most popular method to create hydrogen, steam reformation of natural gas, results in tremendous generation of CO2 emissions. 

An industry master and noted author of numerous articles and books on the Hydrogen Economy,  has commissioned SolarThermiX to commercialize his novel carbon extraction technologies to remove the carbon from Natural gas for power generation. By removing and selling the carbon, pre combustion, this technology can cost effectively provide clean hydrogen for power generation while eliminating green house gases AND creating additional revenue for natural gas producers/suppliers. Natural gas can truly become a CLEAN energy source, not just an improvement over coal or fuel oil-powered electrical generation.

Technology has been demonstrated at lab basis and is ready for scaled up model design and validation. Compared to the clumsy, post burn carbon emissions sequester or chemical conversion schemes, extraction of carbon from Nat gas, before combustion,  is not a bridge to the hydrogen economy, it IS the the hydrogen economy.