"Prior art be damned"

“Prior art be damned”

SolarThermiX was borne out of the frustration that renewable energy products often struggle with acceptable economics. Michael Daly and Michael Corridan have combined their independent years of engineering, product design, and manufacturing operations experience in several industries; determined to design and manufacture, or collaborate with other inventors, to provide a suite of common sense, uncommon performance sustainability products.

The first product of that collaboration is our solar thermal heating panel. After 200 prototype and test panels, we have produced a high efficiency, very robust solar thermal panel to address the winter heating needs for much of the country, while saving approximately one ton per year of carbon emissions per panel, per year.

The idea of maximizing solar thermal energy goes back to Vitruvius’ Ten Books of architecture, published around 50BC. So this brand new, 2,000 year old technology ( prior art?) , is the right product at the right time. How can we minimize our carbon emissions if we do not significantly reduce the DIRECT reliance on fossil for space heat and hot water; the two largest uses of energy in all the buildings in the country per the Dept. of Energy?