How to win when you don't win

As a startup eco-friendly renewable energy company we're fortunate to reside in Arizona, a state with some of the most lucrative entrepreneurial grant opportunities.  SolarThermiX entered the Fall 2015 Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) Innovation Challenge competition and we're proud to say we made to the finals.  The golden opportunity for the 10 best businesses to live pitch VC's for one of six $250,000 grants being awarded!  We had survived multiple elimination rounds to make it into the finals.  The bad news, we weren't one of the six companies to win.  So close but not close enough.

SolarThermiX was the only green, renewable energy business to make it to the finals and one of the few companies that actually manufactures a product, solar air heater - not an App or Bio-based business.  Clearly demonstrated product performance with an outstanding ROI that was endorsed by Northern Arizona University (NAU).

However, there is a silver (not gold) lining to this story, in that we greatly refined our business strategy and updated our sustainability pitch.  We walked away with valuable contacts and an accelerated boost to our business approach.  Our departing gift was a suggestion to apply again once we can demonstrate market acceptance through multiple customers. ACA, we'll be back and ready for the pot of gold.