Navajo Nation to install STX Solar Thermal Heaters

The saying, "no such thing as a free lunch" in Americana lore was first attributed to a hotel in  the French Quarter in 1835, offering a free lunch for local business people who could not make it home for lunch. By moocher's guilt or clever design, the proximity of the bar in the dining hall created a brisk business in patrons drinking away much more than the price of the lunch.

We caught a post on Linkedin today about the Navajo Nation installing our STX 7000 solar heaters within their community of 300,000 members. Imagine harnessing the free energy from the sun to take care of your heating needs. Our product looks so good on the building, it really is a free lunch. To read more about what the Navajo Nation is doing, click the source link below for the rest of the story.